Drive-In Pallet Racks

Highest Density Storage for Fast Moving SKUs

Drive-In Rack is the lowest cost and most popular form of high density pallet racking.  It can be serviced by a variety of forklifts including counterbalance and reach trucks.

Providing excellent storage capacity, Colby Drive-in Pallet Racking (sometimes called Drive-through racking) uses the storage principle that the first pallet in is the last pallet out.

double deep pallet racking

Drive-In pallet racking is a continuous block of racking with no aisles, offering high density storage, typically for non-perishables.



  • Offers almost double the storage capacity over selective methods
  • High density storage system dependant on product mix
  • Relatively low capital cost in comparison to other high density solutions
  • Used with standard forklift trucks
  • Last in first out principal (LIFO)colby scan 2


Average of locations used - efficiency:   75%
Immediate access to stored product: 25%
Stock Rotation: Poor
Floor Utilisation: 65%


Colby Systems (Dematic) has launched a New Colby Drive-In Pallet Racking System - the result of 3 years Research & Development and representing a step change in the way drive-in racks are designed.

Many drive-in racks on the market make use of components originally designed for standard selective pallet racking and therefore are not optimised for the specific demands of a drive-in system.  The new Colby Drive-In Rack has been specifically developed from the ground up for drive-in pallet storage.

The basic concept of the new system is the use of wider uprights, deeper frames, and other larger and stronger components, which are therefore fewer in number compared to traditional systems.  The result is a greater load carrying capacity, better structural integrity and improved performance at a lower cost.  Another benefit of this new modular system is that it is easier and quicker to install than existing drive-in racking.

The proper structural design of drive-in rack is a complicated process and every Colby drive-in rack solution is custom-designed to meet the individual project requirements in terms of pallet size and load, warehouse design and materials handling equipment to be used.

All custom designs are carried out using Colby RackMAN software ensuring the best and most cost effective solution for any application can be determined, with complete assurance as to the design, integrity and safety of the system.

Colby Drive-in Pallet Racking has advanced design characteristics that ensure optimal performance at the lowest cost per footprint.  Heavy-duty bracing connects symmetrically to the racking upright, increasing strength and load-carrying capacity, while reducing the amount of bracing required.

Colby Drive-in Pallet Racking systems include innovative, one piece, formed cantilever brackets that wrap securely around the upright.  Backstops are positioned at the end of the pallet runners to prevent pallets from being pushed too far into the racking, eliminating potential damage to spine bracing and further increasing safety. 

Heavy-duty, purpose designed floor channels help to guide forklifts into Drive-in Pallet Racking bays, ensuring quick and easy alignment, safer handling and reduced risk of rack damage. For added protection, our patented

Colby Protect-a-RACK wraps around the base of the racking uprights. Their angled profile deflects impacts, minimises damage and maximises clear bay entry.

Benefits of the Colby Drive-In Rack System

  • “Lead-in” nose and heavy-duty floor channel design help guide the forklift, ensuring quick and easy alignment with the pallet
  • Ensures safer handling and protection of the rack with stronger, more rigid uprights
  • Optimised, wider design increases strength and stability
  • Available in either 125mm or 150mm wide versions and a range of thicknesses.
  • Innovative Cantilever Brackets adjustable in 50mm increments for optimum storage flexibility.
  • Unique, strong one piece design ensures there is negligible rotation under load
  • Single-sided design provides the versatility of setting different pallet levels in adjacent bays
  • New patented design is capable of large spans, minimising vertical deflection and virtually eliminating horizontal deflection and twist
  • Securely bolted from underneath, avoiding any catchpoints and adjustable at 50mm intervals for greater flexibility in frame depth

Additional Safety Components:

  • Frame Bracing:  Heavy-duty bracing symmetrically connects to the upright increasing strength and load carrying capacity and reducing the amount of bracing needed.
  • Plan & Spine Bracing:  Heavy-duty pipe section bracing reduces the amount of structural elements required while providing additional support.
  • Backstop:  Backstops are positioned at the end of the pallet runner. Prevents pallets slipping off and eliminates potential damage to spine bracing and increases safety.
  • Top Portal Beam:  Robust beams are bolted securely into place across the top of the structure adding stiffness and rigidity.
  • Bolts:  High tensile M12 bolts are used through the whole system to ensure ease and speed of installation and quality assembly.
  • Protect-a-RACK:  Wraps around upright and fits snugly and securely with floor channel.  Angled front profile deflects impacts and streamlined design maximises clear bay entry.



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