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Improve Safety in your Warehouse – Protect your Pallet Racking

In most warehouses pallet racking suffers accidental rack damage from forklifts.

Damage to pallet racking compromises the safety of a warehouse and in some cases can lead to even further damages, loss, personal injury or even death. Such catastrophes can be avoided if preventative measures are diligently applied as a minimum standard.

Encouraging customers to apply the principle that ‘prevention is better than a cure’; Storage Ideas offers a number of rack protection systems to prevent accidental pallet racking damage from forklifts.

The latest addition to Storage Ideas’ range of conventional end-of-rack and upright protection systems is PROTECTARACK. This is a breakthrough in pallet racking protection that has been shown to outperform traditional steel and plastic rack protection systems because of its unique design and tapered profile, according to Storage Ideas.

PROTECTARACK outperforms traditional pallet racking protection because it substantially increases the stiffness of the rack upright by transferring any forces from an impact to the rack frame cross bracing, the strongest section of the rack.

PROTECTARACK is designed to be fitted to just about any type of pallet-racking. Manufactured from heavy-duty 4mm thick plate steel, it simply slips over and is bolted directly to the front face of a rack upright eliminates the need to install masonry anchors in the floor. Since it can be fitted so easily, the installed cost of PROTECTARACK is often less than what customers have previously paid for pallet racking protection systems.