Storage Ideas

Visual Rack Safety Audits

Business owners and management are responsible for carrying out self-assessment of the safety risks in their workplaces under OH&S regulations.

One aspect that is commonly neglected in warehouses is the inspection of pallet racking. Faulty or damaged pallet racking can result in serious accidents affecting property and people.

Storage Ideas has been offering and conducting Visual Rack Safety Audit services and repairs for over 10 years.  Key inclusions in any rack audit should include:

  • Any unapproved changes to the “As Built” installation drawings
  • The structural integrity of any unapproved changes
  • That the correct Safe Working Load signage is appropriately displayed on the relevant bays of racking
  • Damage to rack uprights
  • Damage to base plates and floor fixings
  • The condition of any splices
  • That the rack is correctly installed and is not out of vertical alignment
  • The condition of horizontal and diagonal braces on rack frames
  • Damage to beams
  • That beam connectors and safety clips are secure, and that beams have not become dislodged
  • That the welds between beams and connectors are not cracked on beams that have incurred impact damage or overloading
  • Any overloading of the rack
  • The use of any damaged or inappropriate pallets that could compromise safety
  • Additions to the original system
  • Details about how the system may have been reconfigured.

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