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What Is Warehouse Racking?

There is a wide range of storage solutions available for your warehouse. At Storage Ideas, we carry a huge variety of products so there’ll always be something to meet your needs. Below we list a few of your racking options and why they could be right for your business.

Selective Pallet Racking

This is the most basic and most common storage system used in warehouses. With selective racking, every pallet you have is accessible at all times. Giving you immediate access to all stored products, this system is very fast to use and is great when you have a huge range of different products that you need to access regularly.

Double Deep Pallet Racking

If you’re looking to maximise storage capacity in limited space, then double deep racking could be the solution for you. In this system, pallets are stored two deep at each access point, so front row pallets will need to be moved out of the way in order to access the back row. By reducing your aisle-to-rack ratio, you’ll gain space and stock rotation will still be possible. To use this system, you’ll need a special reach forklift truck.

Drive-in Pallet Racks

Also known as drive-through racking, this system is very high density, providing excellent storage capacity. A drive-in rack has no aisles, saving a significant amount of space. Pallets are stored in a continuous block, using a last in first out principle. This system is operated with standard forklifts and is good for non-perishable items and fast-moving stock.

Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking

Narrow Aisle racks provide you with high-density storage up to a height of 13m, where pallets are manoeuvred using turret trucks and automatic stacker cranes. The benefit of this system is that it gives you immediate access to all items while maximising storage capacity with its very limited aisle space.

Cantilever Racks

This racking style is designed for use with items of varying lengths, shapes and sizes. When your products can’t be stored on standard pallets, a cantilever rack allows you to carry a wide range of stock without needing multiple racking systems to accommodate them. Cantilever systems can reach great heights, giving you high storage density per metre on the ground and making the best use of available space.

Live Storage Racks

These racks use gravity to gently roll cartons or pallets to the pick face of the system, working on a first-in-first-out basis. In live storage areas, forklifts are physically separated from pedestrians to increase worker safety and efficiency. Using this method means stock rotation is automatic, so it’s great for perishable items.

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