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Pallet Storage

ColbyRACK Heavy Duty UU Beam

Making Accidental Damage Virtually Impossible. Forklift incidents happen when managing high and heavy pallet storage. With ColbyRACK, minimising forklift damage to storage systems in high volume distribution centres just got easier.

Drive-In Pallet Racks from Storage Ideas

Drive-In Pallet Rack from Storage Ideas is a low cost, popular form of high density storage. Drive-In pallet racking is a continous block of racking with no aisles, offering high density storage, typically for non-perishables.

New Colby Drive In Pallet Racking System

Colby Systems (Dematic) has launched a New Colby Drive-In Pallet Racking System – the result of 3 years Research & Development and representing a step change in the way drive-in racks are designed.