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Rack Safety Inspections

Every businesses’ top priority is safety; whether it’s for employees, infrastructure, or stock. Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) regulators carry out inspections routinely and are applying more responsibility to management teams to carry out self-assessments. As we learn more about OH&S, workplaces become safer and risks are minimised. To ensure the safety of property and staff, it is important that the state of warehouse pallet racking is inspected. Faulty and damaged racking systems can result in workplace injuries and disasters.

Pallet Hazards to Watch Out For

Australia sets a high standard for pallet-racking safety and serviceability. There are many hazards that must be attended to if they appear. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Damage to racking
  • Mis-alignment of racking
  • Loose floor fittings
  • Suitability of forklift trucks
  • Weight of stored goods

Storage Ideas OH&S Inspections

Storage Ideas offer a maintenance service for existing racking installations. Our periodic Rack Safety Inspections team has the equipment to carry out any necessary repairs during the inspection. They can provide:

  • A visual inspection* of your pallet racks
  • An audit report detailing the nature and location of any faults detected
  • Recommended action for each fault detected to ensure the serviceability and safety of the pallet racking is maintained
  • A quotation for costs associated with carrying out any rectifications required

*As rack inspections are generally carried out from floor level with racks loaded, Storage Ideas accepts no responsibility or liability for the structural integrity and/or faults/defects not sighted due to racks being loaded and/or visually obstructed at time of inspection. The structural integrity of any rack can only be ascertained if the rack is fully unloaded.

Storage Ideas is a distributor of Colby Products and complies with the Australian Standard and WorkCover guidelines.

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