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Storage Ideas

Protection & Safety Products

Protection & Safety Products

Storage Ideas supply a comprehensive range of safety products that facilitate safe operational practises and protect storage equipment from damage.

Rack Safety and Product Range

Colby Protect-a-RACK

The patented Colby Protect-a-RACK protection system uses the strongest part of the rack to brace for impacts from forklifts. Colby Protect-a-RACK comes in a full range of sizes, shapes, and configurations to protect valuable equipment. Competitively priced, it generally has a very short return on investment

Colby Components

All ColbyRACK pallet racking components are designed and manufactured in Australia from high strength steel. Smart section design including strengthening ribs and reinforcing flanges ensure outstanding safety. Colby invests continuously in product development for reliable racking components. Better products minimise the risk of damage, enhances OH&S, and ensures years of outstanding performance.

Heavy Duty Front Impact Beam

This beam has a rib in the centre to reduce damage caused by frontal impacts and collisions. This new, patented concept might not be the prettiest beam on the market, but it sure does a great job of reducing damage.

RackMAN Certification

RackMAN is a proprietary software tool designed by some of the world's leading structural engineers. RackMAN certification means that your system meets the necessary safety standards.

Safety Signs

All new installations come complete with “Safe Working Unit Load” and “Operation and Maintenance of Pallet Racking” signs in accordance with AS4084.

Rack Safety Inspections & Repairs

Storage Ideas can arrange to conduct regular safety inspections on pallet racking, providing an audit report detailing damage and recommendations to repair and bring systems back to safe operating standard