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Order Picking in Warehouse Shelving Design

Workbenches for Sydney Warehouse Shelving

One of the most common pieces of equipment used in a warehouse is the trusted work bench. Work benches have many uses: picking and packing, despatch areas, goods in, goods out, product assembly, product repairs, and mobile work benches can even be used to pick or move products.

Ultimately, most workbenches are custom-made to ensure they are perfectly suited to your needs. At Storage Ideas, our benches will perfectly suit any warehouse, garage or domestic needs – no matter whether you are packing orders, using tools, or simply assembling items upon them.

Depending on the application, workbenches are usually made using longspan shelving (light duty) or pallet racking components (heavy duty) with a suitable worktop. Some considerations in the design may be:

  • Heavy Duty or Light Duty?
  • Are shelves needed under the worktop?
    Shelving allows for extra storage, which can be handy in all situations.
  • Desk height or standing height?
    This depends on your needs. Standing height is often recommended.
  • Backboard needed?
  • Backboard with Louvre panels and plastic bins?
  • Static or mobile (with lockable castors)?
  • Overall size? ie width, height and depth (standard sizes available)
  • Type of worktop? Particleboard ? MDF? Laminate?

No matter which materials you choose to go with, rest assured that the bench will be reliable, robust and sturdy. At Storage Ideas, each bench will be constructed with quality longspan or pallet racking components, so durability will be assured. Even the heaviest of workshop loads are no problem when they are handled on a quality workbench.

Custom benches can come in both heavy and light duty styles. The overall size will depend on your needs and requirements. The average size is generally around 2700mm wide x 900mm deep x 900mm high, however workbenches can be custom made to virtually any size.

When choosing a size, also take into consideration the height of your workers. If the height of your bench is too tall, your workers may have trouble working with it. The aim is to pick a size that will make the work flow seamlessly, and without need for constant re-adjustment.