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Tyre Racking

  • Tyre Racking

    Tyre storage can be solved using Tyre Racks specifically designed by Storage Ideas using Australian made ColbyRACK components. Tyre Racks are customised to suit a variety of sizes and diameters of tyres, including:

    • Bicycle Tyres
    • Motor Bike Tyres
    • Motor Vehicle Tyres
    • 4WD and Off-road Tyres
    • Truck Tyres

    Tyre racks are a practical and effective way to store tyres vertically, allowing easy access for picking with minimal effort.

    The depth of each bay is determined by the diameters of the tyres to be stored. Frame depths are typically 450mm, 600mm or 840mm. Bay widths are dependent on tyre widths to ensure maximum use of space.