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Racking Specialists for Shelving Solutions

  • Racking Specialists for Shelving Solutions

    Your Shelving Solutions Solved 100%

    Proper storage is essential to the functioning of your business. Investing in smart, custom-designed and quality shelving should be a must. This ensures your valuable goods are properly organised and are in top condition. It also ensures the delivery of effective customer service. Find out about the best storage solutions below for your business:

    Our Industrial Shelving Range

    Consider the following industrial shelving range options and watch your business be transformed instantly:

    Static RET Shelving

    Rolled Edge Type (RET) shelving is manufactured from high quality Colorbond steel. Easy to install it’s ideal for light duty applications and designed for strength, durability, flexibility, and safety. 

    Long Span Shelving

    Long Span Shelvingwas invented to meet customer demands for a storage system that is more economical than racking-based systems.  It also has a bigger load carrying capacity than your standard light-duty steel shelving. It can be used for both light and heavy-duty applications.

    Heavy Duty Shelving

    Heavy Duty Shelving is a flexible storage system used for non-palletised goods and being heavy duty can be used for both low and high-rise storage and order picking applications. It is available in a range of shelf types. 

    Our Multi- Purpose Shelving Range

    As the name suggests, the following shelving solutions can be used for a variety of purposes such as industrial, retail and even commercial use:

    Boltless Modular Steel Storage System

    Designed to meet light to medium duty shelving and storage requirements for all parts and components storage. It has fast, easy boltless assembly, and is fully adjustable. This shelving features a range of accessories for complete customisation and can be multi-tiered.

    Our Office Shelving Range

    Mobile shelving 

    This shelving is mostly used for your storage of files, archives, stationery and books in an office space. It can also be adapted for industrial applications.

    Our Commercial Shelving Range

    If you run a store or business that requires cooling and even dry goods solutions, check out our range below: 

    Cool Room & Dry Goods Shelving System

    These shelving systems come in both standard and non-standard sizes with wiring shelving for both cool room and dry goods applications. They can be adjusted to suit your specific requirements.

    Extra! – Steel Storage Cabinets, Lockers & Accessories

    Coming in a range of sizes and materials, these can be used in both office and industrial applications. 

    Get your shelving and storage needs sorted today and contact the experts at Storage Ideas!