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Colby Static RET Shelving

  • Colby Static RET Shelving

    Colby Static RET Shelving for Light-duty General Purpose Applications

    When it comes to the storing of your smaller items in your, don’t look past the Colby Static RET Shelving. A highly applicable shelving solution for your commercial shelving requirements, while also economical and space efficient. Find out more below.

    Colby Static RET Shelving

    Made from quality powder-coated steel and modular in design, static RET shelving is strong, durable and easy to assemble with its bolted construction. The shelving system can be easily extended, readjusted or relocated to keep up with your changing storage requirements. Rounded, upright posts and shelves with double returns have no sharp edges meaning its safe for pickers and it won’t damage stock.

    Customised to Fit your Space

    Available in a wide range of sizes, the Colby Static RET shelving is versatile and comes with a full range of accessories including shelf dividers, drawers, boxes and kick plates. It’s closed back and sides, and wide-open face makes it easy access for hand picking, and it can be installed as single bays or multiple-bay runs.

    A Wide Range of Applications

    This shelving can be used for many different applications and used in any area including general warehouse settings. Ideal uses include files and stationery supplies in an office setting, and small parts in a warehouse setting. The close-fitting shelves prevent small items from being lost and they can be adjusted to suit. You can configure these shelves a number of ways, including single or double sided, to make the best use of your available storage space.

    Get Shelving!

    Get shelving with the Colby Static RET Shelving and experience the difference these shelves can make to your space and your storage of smaller items. Remember proper shelving is essential for both your workplace and personal space. Get in touch today and let us help you with it all.