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ColbyRACK Protect-A-Rack

Streamlined Rack Protection for Safer Operation

Designed to withstand forklift impact and to protect racking from unavoidable wear and tear, Colby Protect-a-Rack improves warehouse safety and reduces maintenance costs. Built to last, Protect-a-Rack provides support where your racks need it most with front and side protection. 

Constructed from heavy duty steel, fortified with full strength welds and designed to dissipate impact and transfer forces through the floor, Protect-a-Rack outperforms traditional steel and plastic rack protection systems. 

And, you don’t have to have a Colby racking system to take advantage of Protect-a-Rack, we can fit it to almost any brand of racking.  The installation is simple, fast and cost effective. 

Another ColbyRACK advantage.