Storage Ideas

Repairs for Your Storage Systems

Even the highest quality storage systems will need repairs from time to time. If you have been regularly maintaining and inspecting your storage systems, hopefully the repairs your system needs will be minor. However, occasionally you may need to make more extensive repairs.

Repairing your storage systems as soon as you notice an issue not only extends the life of your storage, but also ensures you comply with the Australian standard and keep your employees safe at all times.

Here are some common types of damage where repairs will need to take place:

Racks are Hit or Bumped with Machinery
Forklifts or other machinery can bump into racking if drivers aren’t trained correctly, or the aisles are cluttered. Some forklifts may not be suitable for narrower aisles. When racking is bumped, its strength and durability can become compromised. All racking should be inspected and repaired immediately after it has been knocked. Prevent this from occurring by making sure your machinery matches your storage system, and that your operations team is thoroughly trained.

Warehouses can often expose storage to high, humid, or cold temperatures. All of this can put your racking at risk of corrosion. If your racking has been damaged in the past and not repaired, it may become corroded in that area. Corrosion can spread and cause the strength of your racking to weaken, so it should be repaired immediately. You can prevent this from happening again through the use of temperature maintaining equipment such as fans or humidifiers.

Bent or Damaged Uprights or Beams
Bent or damaged uprights or beams can be extremely damaged, so they must be repaired immediately. While waiting for repairs, this area should be unloaded, cleared and avoided so that there is no risk of injury taking place.

How to Avoid Damage to Your Storage Systems
While all storage systems can be prone to needing repair, there are measures you can take to ensure your storage systems require the least number of repairs possible. Keeping your storage systems maintained via regular inspections, and looking after them through the use of the correct operations machinery, will mean you’ll get the best out of your storage system, and need fewer repairs, saving you time and money.

Repair and Service Your Warehouse with Storage Ideas
As Sydney’s leading materials handling and equipment consultancy company, Storage Ideas understand the importance of complying with the Australian Standard when it comes to your pallet racking. We’re able to meet tight installation deadlines if needed, so you can get your repairs completed, and your warehouse back up and running as quickly as possible. Contact us today and call 02 9731 7999 to find out more.