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Best Practices for Maintenance of Storage

Best Practices for Maintenance of Storage

Whether it’s racks, shelving or both – like everything else, storage needs to be maintained, and well looked after to function at its best. Poor maintenance of your storage is putting your goods and employees at risk. It also decreases the life of your storage, costing you more money and time. Don’t let your storage become a safety hazard, or end up needing to be replaced sooner, rather than later.

Here’s what we suggest when it comes to storage maintenance.

Visually Inspect Your Storage Regularly
Visually inspecting your racking or shelving regularly, means you are far more likely to discover any faults that need instant repairing and will be able to do so before any further damage has occurred. It also means you’ll be able to make sure your storage is being used correctly at all times. Look out for signs of warping, bending, rust or physical damage due to machinery bumping into your shelving or racking system.

Never Exceed Storage Rack Capacities
Loading a storage rack with more weight than it can handle is extremely dangerous and will lead to racking failure. Clear labelling with the load capacity on racking will assist in safety compliance.

Use Appropriate Forklift Trucks
Forklift drivers should be able to place loads squarely on racking systems and understand the need to distribute loads evenly. Forklift trucks should be the right size for the loads and should be able to navigate through narrow aisles without bumping into racking, which can damage them or cause injury.

Maintain the Environment of Your Storage Space
Storage equipment and goods often become damaged due to changing temperatures a warehouse can endure over the four seasons. High temperatures can bring humidity, and low temperatures can cause condensation, so it’s important to keep your storage equipment dry and at a stable temperature as best as possible.

Have Your Storage Assessed Independently
Consider hiring a professional team to carry out an audit of your current storage. If any faults have been identified, you can carry out any repairs immediately to ensure things remain safe and usable. Professionals understand exactly what to look for. They have a good eye for detail and can spot, not only damage, but any potential areas where damage or hazards could occur.

Maintain Your Storage with Storage Ideas

As Sydney’s leading materials handling and equipment consultancy company, Storage Ideas understand how important it is to maintain your storage. That’s why for over 48 years, we have offered a complete service that includes design, supply and installation of office and warehouse storage equipment. We’re able to meet tight installation deadlines if needed, so you can get your storage up and running as quickly as possible. Contact us today and call 02 9731 7999 to find out more.