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Storage Space Matters – Creating Extra Space

Clutter in an office and overstocking in a warehouse can quickly lead to storage space being ineffectively utilised. Not only does this unorganised space lead to stress, but it also means time is being wasted on sorting and finding important items. Good industrial and commercial storage solution systems are essential in the workplace, but they also need to be used effectively. Regularly creating extra space is an essential part of making the most of your storage system.

Here’s how to create extra space in your warehouse or office:

In the Warehouse

If you find yourself needing more space in the warehouse, that can be a good thing, as it means there is growth. However, moving to a new warehouse might be disruptive and unnecessary.

Here’s what you can do to maximise the space in your warehouse:

Make an Assessment

Have a look at all your storage sections and assess how the spaces are being utilised. Everything from pallet racking, shelving and storage areas to receiving and shipping areas should be considered. Measure each space and make note of spaces that are unnecessarily cluttered, or that could be easily upgraded by rearranging some items.

Consider a Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanine floors can be a great way to add floor space and increase your storage space. Mezzanine floors are perfect if you have had a growth in your business and have efficient storage processes already, but are in need of more space.

In the Office

Commercial office spaces can often become cluttered with unnecessary paper or files. This can lead to important documents becoming lost, damaged or confidential details being leaked.

To maximise and secure your office storage, you can try:


If it’s been a while since you’ve used the shredder, it might be time to get it out and make use of it once again. Paper pile-ups are common.

Install Storage Cabinets

If you’ve utilised your space well, it might be time to create added space by installing storage cabinets. High-quality storage cabinets can be an instant way to boost your space without impacting on your floor plan.

Consider Shelf Dividers

Sometimes it’s a simple case of adding shelf dividers to get the most out of your shelving. Not only will the space be more organised, but you’ll also have more space in your current shelving than ever before.

Maximise Your Storage Space with Storage Ideas

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