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Double-Deep or Two Deep Pallet Racking

What is Double-Deep or Two Deep Pallet Racking?

Double-deep racking, also known as two deep pallet racking, is the best compromise between a selective and non-selective pallet racking system. A double-deep racking system is a double-sided configuration that allows storage density and picking to both be a priority. When you’re choosing a racking system, it can be difficult to know which racking will suit your individual needs. All warehouses will require a racking system that is suitable for the storage density required, ease of picking and their budget.

If you’re looking to install double-deep racking, here’s what you should know:

Why Choose Double-Deep Racking?
Double-deep racking is a great option for those looking to enhance their floor space storage, without necessarily needing regular reach to their stock. Double deep racking allows you to store two pallets deep in a single-entry rack, or four pallets in a double entry rack. You may choose double-deep pallet racking if you need less aisles in your warehouse, but more storage density.  Double-deep racking can also be a relatively cheaper option of racking, so your budget may be another reason you choose this type of racking for your business.

What Needs to be Considered for Double-Deep Racking?
Before you decide to use double-deep racking, it’s important to note that all racking need special requirements, and so too does double-deep racking. While double-deep racking can be an effective solution, you also need to consider the following special requirements:

  • Double deep racking requires a special reach fork lift truck, as it will need a sliding fork attachment to reach deep into the racking, or a dual pantograph
  • Truck lift heights will be limited by load
  • Upper levels may need to be fitted with front to back guide rails so that the operator can accurately place the pallet in position at a height.

What are the Advantages of Double-Deep Racking?
In summary, double deep racking has the following advantages:

  • Good access to half your stock
  • Enabling of stock rotation
  • Increase in your floor space storage capacity
  • Budget friendly racking system, meaning you can put more money back into your business.

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