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Australian standard steel orange framed pallet racks

Installing Pallet Racking that Complies with Current Australian Standards

Pallet racking is extremely useful in any warehouse. However, poor installation can cause your racking to wear out easily, causing it to become faulty and possible dangerous. Understanding how your pallet racking works and how to ensure it complies with Australian safety standards is an essential part of managing and maintaining your racking, and your business as a whole.

Here’s what you need to know about current Australian safety standards when it comes to racking:

All Racking Should be Custom Designed
Racking design is a crucial step to ensuring that your racking is safely installed and used correctly. When racking is designed, the following must be taken into consideration:

  • The size, weight and shape of products needed to be stored
  • Emergency access
  • Adequate lighting
  • Ability for material handling equipment to easily and safely manoeuvre in the area

Racking Must be Free of Hazards
When installing pallet racking, it’s important to take into account any potential hazards that can occur. The Australian Standard emphasises that even after correct installations have occurred, you should still watch out for:

  • Damage to racking: Racking can become damaged due to bumps from machinery. This can cause their functionality to be compromised.
  • Misaligned racking: Racking that is misaligned can be extremely dangerous, as the instability can cause serious accidents
  • Suitability of forklift trucks: Some types of pallet racking, such as narrow aisle racking, require suitable forklifts that can move within the aisles safely, ensuring racking isn’t damaged.
  • Appropriate weight of goods: Ensuring that the weight of the goods complies with how much the racking can handle is essential for safety and longevity of the racking itself.

Racking Should be Carefully Inspected  Regularly
Careful inspection of pallet racking regularly, both during and after installation, will ensure that it always complies with the Australian standard. Having your pallet racking being inspected by an outside source means any repairs can be actioned immediately, and the workplace can remain safe at all times.

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