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Mistakes to Avoid with Storage

When it comes to storing large amounts of goods, it can get complicated and difficult to manage if effective processes aren’t in place. When this happens, it can be costly, stressful and even dangerous. If you’re about to invest in storage, or are looking to improve your storage systems, make sure you avoid making the following mistakes:

Piling up Excess Inventory

This is one of the most common mistakes many businesses make. Many wholesalers purchase large batches of a product to receive a discount, and then end up with more stock than they can handle. Reduce your inventory to make your supply chain smaller and easier to deal with. You also won’t have money in stock that’s slow to move.

Keeping Track with a Paper Trail

Paper based processes are no longer effective, and can really slow down the logistics of tracking your goods. Paper leads to long paper trails, information going missing, and delays and inefficiency. Switch to a simple digital way to keep on top of your operations.

Abusing Your Racking

It’s all well and good to have plenty of high quality racking for your storage needs, but it’s not going to be very helpful if your pallets are overfilled, and your racking contains more rubbish than it does product. Look after your racking, and keep it organised for the best storage results. Abusing your racking can be hazardous to your employees and may lead to workplace accidents. Ensure your racking is installed correctly, as well as Contact us regularly.

Poor Training of Staff Members

Your storage, whether in a warehouse or an office, is best maintained by professionals. In a warehouse, it’s essential that good OH&S practices are taking place at all times to ensure employees are safe. Even if things are running smoothly, it’s always worthwhile to reinforce or refresh training often.

Placing Unstable or Excessively Heavy Loads on Racking

In busy times, it can be tempting to pile on loads that exceed the capacity for the racking. Unstable loads may also be placed on racking in an attempt to cut corners and speed up unloading processes. Unfortunately, this is a recipe for disaster and leads to a high probability that your racking will fail, damaging goods and potentially injuring employees.

Get it Right, the First Time with Storage Ideas

As Sydney’s leading materials handling and equipment consultancy company, Storage Ideas understand the simple, but costly mistakes businesses can make with their storage. That’s why for over 48 years, we have offered a complete service that includes design, supply and installation of office and warehouse storage equipment. We’re able to meet tight installation deadlines so you can get your storage up and running as quickly as possible. Contact us today and call 02 9731 7999 to find out more.