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Warehouse Workers, Get a Health Check

Working in a warehouse can be strenuous on your health, which is why it is important for warehouse workers to get health checks every 6 to 12 months. In this article, we approach health checks from several perspectives.

Why Get a Health Check?

Quite simply, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Activity that warehouse workers do is often physically demanding, with strains and aches not uncommon. General check-ups ensure that everything is going as it should be, and that the ache doesn’t mean anything more serious. Health check-ups can also cover more serious issues, such as bone density and muscle scans. In a line of work where it is vital that your physical health be tip-top, it just doesn’t make sense to not get regular check-ups for it.

Warehouse Responsibility

Workers are crucial to the operation of most warehouses, and yet often, this environment may not completely accommodate them. Looking after employees is more than simply setting safety regulations to follow. It also includes a responsibility to teach them about health and care, because not everyone is aware of the health risks they may face in this type of environment
If you’re asking yourself, why is this so important to teach? or Isn’t it the workers’ responsibility? Think of it this way: injured workers means efficiency is not at its peak. Work injuries lead to workers compensation, lower interest in work, and general safety worries. These all decrease the flow and efficiency of the workplace, which is why it is important to take health seriously. Remember: a worker with a cold or injury will not work as efficiently as one without!

First Aid Training

To ensure businesses are fulfilling their duties to the health and safety of their workers, it is now mandatory for many businesses to have a trained First Aid Officer. In a warehouse environment, this is a high priority as accidents do happen. From dealing with simple bruising to potentially life-threatening injuries, first aid training is a must for every business.

Flu Vaccinations

Another simple way to ensure that you are taking care of workers is to encourage flu vaccinations. Some companies choose to have licensed professionals administer flu vaccinations at the warehouse, however, this is not recommended as vaccinations may have side effects. In an environment where it is important for everybody to be fully conscious and focused on the task at hand, side effects such as nausea and dizziness can lead to worse problems.
Flu vaccinations can be an effective way to deal with one problem that many workers face: the flu. Encouraging this problem to be efficiently dealt with may also encourage workers to receive a health check-up while they are at their local clinic – hitting two birds with one stone.

Any Questions?

Taking care of your workers will mean that your workers will take care of your business. If you would like Storage Ideas to assist you with any of your storage needs, or if you have any questions about this article or any of the storage products we offer, feel free to contact us.