Storage Ideas

The Ultimate Guide to Storage Solutions

With such a wide range of storage solutions available, it can be tricky to work out the best choice for your business. You’ll need to take into consideration inventory management, storage density and handling equipment in order to make an informed decision on your investment. Below we list just a few of the main storage solutions we offer and how they could benefit your business.

Pallet Racks

Pallet racking is the most popular storage option for warehouse spaces and it comes in many different forms. Selective pallet racking is the simplest setup, requiring basic equipment and making every pallet available at all times. For increased storage density, double-deep or drive-in pallet systems are a better option, making more efficient use of space.

Cantilever Racks

If you need to store items of varying lengths and sizes such as timber, furniture and plumbing parts then cantilever racks are the perfect storage product. These systems have no front uprights, allowing them to accommodate odd shapes and sizes and offer easy accessibility. Being able to store long items vertically saves you valuable floor space, allowing you to maximise storage capacity.

Live Storage Racks

In live storage systems, pallets are stored on rollers built into inclined tracks, so gravity causes a live flow of products as removed pallets are constantly replaced. This automatic stock rotation is ideal for perishable items such as food as it provides a first in first out system and removes the need for pick face replenishment. Live storage allows for faster handling and physically separates stock pickers from forklift operators to maximise occupational safety.

Raised Storage Areas

A raised or mezzanine area is perfect if you want to gain storage space without having to move your warehouse. By creating raised areas, you have the potential to double your storage capacity; adding an overhead work area without interrupting work at ground level. A medium or heavy duty floor can be installed for a flexible option – this can be easily dismantled if you need to relocate or opt for a full structural floor to permanently expand your facility.

Conveyor Systems

Product handling is an expensive process, but by investing in a conveyor you can achieve significant savings in labour, which translates into financial savings long-term. There are three key types of conveyor system: gravity roller, powered roller, or belt conveyor. These can operate over short or long distances, straight journeys or curved sections, and they can even move products between different levels.


If your product isn’t palletised, then shelving is the best option for your business storage. There is a wide range of shelving styles available to suit box and carton storage, archive files, or small parts. Cold storage shelving can be designed for refrigerated spaces while heavy duty shelving can accommodate bulkier items. If space is really tight then mobile storage can keep your items safe while minimising space wasted due to access requirements.

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