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Rack Safety Inspections and Audits

Pallet Racking is the most commonly used type of storage equipment for warehouse and industrial storage systems and knowledge of why rack safety inspections and audits are so important is vital.

The Basics

When it comes to rack safety inspections, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Australian Standards require a formal Pallet Racking Inspection be carried out annually by an external specialist.  

It is recommended that management appoint a “Racking and Shelving Safety Officer” to ensure all safety equipment is kept in a safe working condition.  This officer should carry out regular inspections (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on the type and size of the facility).  The purpose of these internal inspections is to report all damage and/or issues as detailed in the “Rack Operation and Maintenance Manual” to Management.  These inspections won’t (and shouldn’t) replace the more vigorous and thorough formal inspections, but they will alert you and your team to any current and urgent repairs or issues that need to be dealt with as soon as possible.

Faulty? Fix it.

There are a number of things that can go wrong with pallet racking, endangering both its content and the lives of the workers nearby. Whenever it is noticed that the rack is damaged, it is important to carefully unload the bays affected and place appropriate signage not to utilise the rack until it is repaired. 

When inspecting pallet racking, look at the surrounding environment as well as the rack itself. Are beam safety clips missing? Do any beams show signs of deformation? Are any frames or uprights damaged or twisted? Is there any impact damage? These are all signs that the rack may is need of external assessment and repair. 

Don’t Overload

Pairs of beams may be accidently subjected to loads in excess of their specified design load. Racks have design load capacities for a reason and going over the specified loads undermines the structural integrity of the rack.  Always ensure loads do not exceed the safe working load capacities.


Rack inspections are a vital part of any warehouse or distribution centre. If you have any questions about this article, or about any of the storage products offered by Storage Ideas, feel free to contact us