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The A-Grade Standard- a Look at A-Frame Racking

Perfect for storing long, rigid, lightweight products that are accessed by hand, A-Frame racking might be the perfect solution for your warehousing or storage environment. Available in a range of applications, sizes and configurations, A-frame racks offer the versatility, strength and practicality to store timber dowels, plastic extrusions, aluminium and more.

Read on for more information about this space saving and economical product.

H2: What Is A-Frame Racking?

Known for its iconic “a-shaped” frame, A-frame racking provides a secure space for the vertical storage of long lightweight products. Simply place your material vertically on the base and lay it against the “A-shaped” frame. The result is a simple storage solution that makes it easy to locate and select vertical products. 

What Should I Store with This Racking?

A-frame racks are fairly versatile and can store just about any long lightweight material that can be stored vertically.

This includes:

  • Ladders
  • Guttering
  • Mouldings and trims
  • Timber dowels
  • Aluminium and plastic extrusions
  • Lumber
  • Decking

What Are the Advantages of A-Frame Racks?

Custom Made

At Storage Ideas, our A-Frame racks are made to suit your storage needs. We take into account the individual sizes and weight loads of your products to ensure complete safety and maximum storage efficiency.

Our A-Frames can be both single sided and double sided, depending on your storage capacity.

Make the Most of Your Space

In a warehouse, vertical space is often wasted space, but A-Frame racks solve that problem. Their clever design lets you take full advantage of the space above you. By storing your ladders, extrusions and other materials vertically, you use less storage space and have more room to spare.

Merchandising and Identification

Find what you need quickly with A-Frame racking from Storage Ideas, your ultimate solution to merchandising and identification. The design of A-Frames makes it easy to pick and store your materials by hand and they’re also great for visual displays. This makes A-Frame racks ideal for retail display environments, such as hardware stores.

Other Options to Maximise Your Space

Storage Ideas also provides a range of other solutions to make the most of your warehouse space. As well as A-Frame racking, you may want to consider:

  • Raised storage areas – install a mezzanine to utilise your overhead space without having to redesign your entire system or move to a new warehouse. It’s time-saving, convenient and perfect for extra space.
  • Cantilever Racks – cantilever racks are vertical systems, perfect for storing long items. They can be built to extreme heights and they’re ideal for a range of industries.

Contact Us for A-Grade A-Frames in Sydney

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