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New Ideas for Storage Solutions – Metalsistem

Storage Ideas, a major distributor for custom designed racking & shelving systems, will be distributing METALSISTEM storage solutions in NSW through a channel network which will be set up for this purpose.

The forerunning product from the Metalsistem range is the Super 1/2/3 Boltless Shelving System manufactured to cater to the shelving requirements of various industries.

The design of the various components is the result of rigorous specialised knowledge developed over years of experience in the field of metal processing. This experience enables Metalsistem to offer innovative products which they describe as the highest quality, competitively priced, and representing a highly technical solution to the most important shelving problems, such as rapid assembly, stability, low cost and load bearing.

The design allows for high load bearing from light gauge materials and the use of high quality zinc coated steel ensures a high level of durability. The structural components of the Super 1/2/3 systems are made from high tensile steel, certified according to EN 10204 3.1B.

The fully adjustable Super 1/2/3 Boltless Shelving System has been designed to meet the needs of light to medium duty. The modularity of the product makes smart work of designing either simple runs of bay shelving and at the same time the amount of flexibility to design 2 & 3 tier structures from the same components. Load capacities vary from very low to moderately heavy loads allowing all kinds of users to be kept in mind during the crucial design stages.

The premium chrome finished galvanised look is bound to be popular at the back end of businesses like warehouses, stores & cool rooms as well as the front end like showrooms and displays, says Storage Ideas. The components are very easy to assemble and install, and the system comes with its vast array of accessories. Also with certain minimum quantity limits in mind, custom accessories can be manufactured too.